Pathway Navigators

EleValle Pathway Navigators work with community members to assess their needs, connect them to resources in the community, and identify systemic issues that affect their health and well-being. 

Navigators also help community members enroll in Medicaid, Medicare and in New Mexico's Health Insurance Exchange.

Navigators work with low-income, uninsured residents in Bernalillo County who may be experiencing: 

  • Homelessness
  • Hunger
  • Limited access to needed healthcare
  • Barriers trying to navigate the system and/or accessing resources as an undocumented and/or limited-English proficient (LEP) immigrant
  • A lack of trust in the currently existing resources in Bernalillo County as an Urban off-reservation Native American
  • Any of the above who are parenting young children


EleValle Navigators:

Casa de Salud

    Centro Savila

    • Alma Olivas: 505-312-7296


    • Jane Guevara :
    • Monica Lechuga:


    EleValle Navigator Completed Pathways*

    Issue (Pathway) Resolved
    Behavioral Health 115
    Child Care 17
    Child Support 10
    Dental Care 39
    Depression 18
    Diabetes 11
    Disability Income/Appeal 17
    Domestic Violence 31
    Driver's License/I.D. 23
    Education/GED 63
    Employment 124
    Food Security 151
    Heat & Utilities 68
    Health Care Home 211
    Homelessness Prevention 32
    Housing 43
    Income Support (ISD) 72
    Legal Services 146
    Medical Debt 123
    Pharmacy/Medications 7
    Pregnancy 5
    Substance Use/Abuse 25
    Transportation 33
    Vision & Hearing 100
    Total 1484


    * A pathway begins with an identified problem, includes several action steps to address the problem, and concludes with a meaningful outcome for the community member.

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