"Elective" Hysterectomies at UNM Hospital Cost Woman $3,000 Upfront

UNM Hospital has tried, in vain, to rationalize its inhumane 50% Upfront for the Poor Policy by saying that only "elective" surgeries require 50% upfront.  They classify hysterectomies as "elective," as though women elect to have their uteruses removed for cosmetic purposes.  This is one woman's story.

She's in her 30s and is trying to deal with a domestic abuser - which is what brought her to Centro Savila for help. While we were getting to know her, she shared that she had just recently had a hysterectomy because she was bleeding and cramping uncontrollably.
She said she had saved up the money over many months to get the operation because UNM Hospital had told her they wouldn't schedule it until she came up with 50% upfront.
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