A College Student’s Experience with the Health Exchange

What does it take for an uninsured college student to get signed up?

Until recently, the thought of being able to get health insurance didn’t seem tangible. However, a few weeks ago, with the help of a health care guide, I discovered that applying for health insurance is about as easy as buying an airplane ticket.

Thanks to my guide I was able to submit all the information I needed to apply for health insurance in less than an hour.

The process was simple and confidential. With the support and guidance from a guide, applying for health insurance turned out to be less time consuming than most of my homework assignments!

Are you a college student? A young adult? Do you work part-time and have to juggle academics and adult responsibilities? At the end of the day are you the kind of person who thinks, “I’m young and healthy and I’ve been uninsured for a really long time, and this whole health insurance mandate thing is really too confusing?” If these are the sort of thoughts that go through your head, then you are a lot like me. The statistics show that:

·Young adults have the highest rate of uninsured of any age group. About 30% of young adults are uninsured, representing more than one in five of the uninsured. This rate is higher than any other age group, and is three times higher than the uninsured rate among children.

·Young adults have the lowest rate of access to employer-based insurance. As young adults transition into the job market, they often have entry-level jobs, part-time jobs, or jobs in small businesses, and other employment that typically comes without employer-sponsored health insurance. The uninsured rate among employed young adults is one-third higher than older employed adults.

·Young adults’ health and finances are at risk. Contrary to the myth that young people don’t need health insurance, one in six young adults has a chronic illness like cancer, diabetes or asthma. Nearly half of uninsured young adults report problems paying medical bills.         

Credit: cms.gov

If you or someone you know is uninsured, connect with a health care guide! I personally wish I would have done so sooner.  

EleValle health care guides can be reached at 505-205-6904 for information and to schedule an appointment.  You can also enroll yourself atwww.healthcare.gov

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