Giving South Valley Families ACCESS: Art Community Culture Education Science and Sports

"Sin miedo. Sin miedo!"  "Without fear, without fear!" A mother shouts at her young son who is running with the game ball towards the opposition's soccer goal. Every Monday and Wednesday families are coming together for an afternoon of fun in the park at 86th and Tower. This is one of many activities Fernando Ortega expects to organize through a new program called ACCESS.


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Summertime in the South Valley

It’s summertime in the South Valley.  The crops are growing, the sidewalks are sizzling and it’s hot.  Summer is a great time for celebrating.  We’ve got our nation’s birthday coming up.  We’ve got a whole stretch of lingering sunsets to enjoy barbecuing and playing in the park with our kids.  But we’ve also got drought...

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Pathways Creates New Paths: Russell Urban’s Journey

Tomas Martinez works at La Plazita Institute as a Navigator for the Pathways to a Healthier Bernalillo County program. Over 80 percent of returning citizens end up back in the judicial system within 6 months of being released from incarceration. In addition to that, children whose parents are incarcerated are 10 times more likely to engage in criminal behavior. While these statistics point out a major issue, Tomas is working to change this. Every day his job entails helping his clients and their families access the services they need including: healthcare, education, transportation, housing, and employment...

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Overcoming Barriers to Create a Healthier Community

For many it seems as though accessing health care can be a difficult task. Those who face cultural, language, and financial barriers are even more susceptible to not being able to access the health care services they need. The core goal of EleValle is to serve as an impetus for a healthier South Valley community...


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Building a healthy community in the South Valley of ABQ