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Albuquerque Journal - UNMH Alters Policy on Surgery Down Payments for Uninsured - 11/3/2017

Under intense pressure from advocates, the UNM Hospitals Board of Trustees voted unanimously to reverse a hospital policy of charging 50% upfront for surgery for low-income, uninsured people who don't qualify for Medicaid or other insurance assistance.

KUNM - UNMH Reverses 50% Upfront Requirement for Surgery - 11/1/2017

While the Hospital Board of Trustees reversed a policy of charging certain people 50% upfront for surgery, the advocates continue to receive calls from patients whose surgeries had been cancelled.  Monitoring implementation will require constant vigilance.

Albuquerque Journal -  County, UNMH to Negotiate Lease - 3/26/2014

Bernalillo County commissioners voted 5-0 Tuesday to open lease negotiations with University of New Mexico Hospital after hearing from dozens of advocates who urged the county to press for affordable access to health care for the poor...


Bernalillo County - BernCo Commission Votes to Open UNM Hospital Lease, Create Healthcare Task Force - 3/26/2014

The Bernalillo County Commission voted 5-0 on March 25 to renegotiate the lease that governs how the University of New Mexico Hospital is managed. Bernalillo County owns part of the land where the hospital and other health facilities are located, and operation of the hospital is outlined in a 1999 lease, as amended, between Bernalillo County and the University of New Mexico. Bernalillo County collects about $90 million a year from a mill levy property tax...


Albuquerque Business First - O'Malley Wants BernCo to Renogotiate UNMH Lease - 3/25/2014

Bernalillo County Commissioner Debbie O’Malley said she will introduce a resolution at Tuesday’s county commission meeting to renegotiate the lease between the county and the University of New Mexico Hospital to operate the facility.

The contract/lease calls on the county to collect $90 million a year in property taxes for UNMH’s operations, and O’Malley said she wants more information on how that money is spent...


Albuquerque Journal - Hospital lease only part of health debate - 3/25/2014

Our periodic row over the role of the University of New Mexico Hospital officially kicks off tonight before the Bernalillo County Commission, which is expected to discuss terms of a new lease agreement with the hospital. The last time UNMH indigent care got a lot of people angry was in 2008 when voters had to reauthorize the mill levy that supports the hospital...


Albuquerque Journal - County Should Keep Mill Levy to Pay for Indigent Health Care - 3/24/2014

In a state that strongly values our families, we have too many children and families who don’t have health care coverage. It is deeply heart-rending when kids suffer through illness and sometimes life-threatening conditions. Their parents face the challenge of getting timely care while also dealing with very expensive medical bills.

Our health care safety net in Bernalillo County has helped ease the burden of medical debt, collections and bankruptcy. County taxpayers send $90 million per year to University of New Mexico Hospital to support indigent care for tens of thousands of people each year.

 Yet the reality is that the UNM Care program does not serve everybody in need...


Media Release: Juntos para la Salud urges County Commissioners to Reconsider Use of $90 Million in Property Taxes to UNMH on March 25 - 3/24/2014

Albuquerque, NM—  This Tuesday evening, March 25, the Bernalillo County Commission has a one-in-eight-years chance to open the lease agreement with UNM Hospital and reconsider the use of $90 million yearly in property taxes provided to UNM Hospital (UNMH) for its lease and operations.  Juntos para la Salud/Together for Health, a coalition of individuals and more than 30 groups...


Daily Lobo - Debt Management Aid Can Be Crucial - 3/12/2014
Kate O’Donnell’s last patient of the day is Maria Cabrera, who has acquired more than $57,000 in medical debt...



KUNM - Fronteras - Those in the Obamacare 'Affordability Gap' Risk Futures in Medical Debt - 2/7/14
Meet Karla Castañeda. She’s 22, is a single mother, and recently went back to school. Her son is eligible for Medicaid, but she is not because she makes too much money, and her job doesn’t provide her with insurance...
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KUNM - Fronteras - Ineligible for Obamacare, Immigrants May Continue to Face Debt and Poor Health - 2/11/14
Maria Cabrera owed $57,000 dollars after she suffered a heart attack and ended up in an Albuquerque hospital...
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Academic Medicine - The Potential Conflict Between Policy and Ethics in Caring for Undocumented Immigrants at Academic Health Centers - March 2014


Academic Medicine - Academic Health Centers and Care of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States: Servant Leaders or Uncourageous Followers? - March 2014



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